Kasturbhai Lalbhai
Lalbhai Group is one of the oldest business houses of India. The first textile mill of the Group was established by Lalbhai Dalpatbhai in 1896.
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Lalbhai Family
The known lineage of Lalbhai family goes back 18 generations. Originally from Osia, Rajasthan, the family shifted to Ahmedabad, Gujarat in the 17th century, about 400 years ago.


Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai
Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai, a legendary Indian, made seminal contributions particularly in the fields of industry, education, culture and religion. He led a life imbibed with integrity, perseverance, excellence, simplicity and larger purpose.

On March 17, 2012, Atul Ltd converted its first office into an Inspiring Centre to depict the life and times of its Founder, Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai. The Centre was inaugurated by Mr Shrenik Kasturbhai, the younger son of
Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai.


Mr Balwantrai Mazumdar
Mr Balwantrai Mazumdar, an economist by education and a trusted confidant of Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai, shifted to Atul since its inception and made the first manufacturing site of Atul amongst the greenest chemical complexes in the world.


Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai
Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai, a chemical engineer by education and the elder son of Mr Kasturbhai, shifted to Atul since its inception and made the Company one of the finest chemical conglomerates. He succeeded his father as the second Chairman of Atul.


Mr Arvind Lalbhai
Mr Arvind Lalbhai, a chemist by education and a nephew of Mr Kasturbhai Lalbhai, succeeded his uncle as the second Chairman of Arvind Ltd. He was concurrently the Chairman of Atul after the demise of Mr Siddharth Kasturbhai.