Corporate Presentation


the largest producer of tissue cultured date palms in India

Atul Floras was established in 2002 to meet the requirement of good quality tissue culture raised planting material of different crops for the farming community. It has a distinction of producing tissue culture raised date palms plants of different varieties for the first time in India. 

With a portfolio of 33 world-class products, Atul Floras is serving 100 customers in 4 countries.

The R&D facilities of Atul Floras are located in Atul. The main focus of the R&D Department is to improve the existing processes and introduce new products.

The production facilities of Atul Floras are located in Atul, Jodhpur and Ankleshwar.

Atul Floras has a strong team of 21 people and is well equipped to serve its customers around the world.