Atul's Research Unit has received recognition from both the Department for Scientific and Industrial Research and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The responsibility to sustain and improve our existing processes and products and develop new products and formulations rests with our Research Unit. It ensures that we use chemistry in the most amenable manner to support our endeavour to protect the environment while we expand our horizons and achieve profitable growth at a better pace.

Individual Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Assurance Departments are attached to each of our Businesses. These together with Corporate R&D form the Research Unit, with 293 employees. The Company recognises these functions as critical from a standpoint of key essential elements of its overall operations and hence invests in people and equipment to strengthen them on a regular basis. This helps in:

Reducing pollutants significantly by modifying processes,
identifying and recouping products from pollutants,
assuring world class quality,
achieving conversion efficiencies close to theoretical possibilities,
strengthening processes,
bringing down time cycles and
introducing new value added products and formulations.

During 2014-15, the Research Unit worked with 168 Key Initiatives. It helped to reduce pollutants in 23 products, bring down solvent charge in 14 products, enhanced quality of 22 products, push up yield of 24 products, decrease raw material consumption in 9 products and improve processes of 20 products. 60 products and formulations were developed in 2014-15 and 33 scale-ups were supported during the year.