The Aromatics Business was established in 1988, with the merger of Gujarat Aromatics Ltd and Atul. Gujarat Aromatics Ltd was a single product company that manufactured mixed cresols. After the merger, the Business started manufacturing para Cresol and its derivatives. It has the distinction of manufacturing para Cresol, para Anisic aldehyde and para Anisic alcohol for the first time in India.

Research facilities are located at Ankleshwar and Atul, Gujarat. Being upgraded continuously, the Business has its manufacturing facility in Ankleshwar. The site is 100% zero liquid discharge – an extensive effluent treatment system including an RO plant and multi-effect evaporator is set up to ensure that liquid effluent generated is recycled and used to manufacture value-added products. While most of this treated water is reused as a raw material in the manufacturing process, some of it is also used for gardening and irrigation.

With a portfolio of 29 products, Aromatics serves about 400 customers in 37 countries. The products are majorly used by customers belonging to Chemical Additive, Flavour and Fragrance, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Paper industries.

The Business is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FAMI-QS certified. Key products of the Business are REACH registered.

The team consists of about 250 members.

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