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Lapox Duratite+

A two-component, solvent-less, viscous, fast curing, multi-purpose, high strength epoxy adhesive, especially formulated for furniture industry. The product has a long pot life which makes it suitable for large size job works. It has good mechanical strength and is water resistant.
Pack size: 450 g, 1.8 kg and 9 kg

Industry: Construction, Furniture, Handicraft, Industrial

Application: Fixing granite, Fixing marble, Fixing wood, Sand broadcasting, Grouting steel railings, Bonding magnet to metal in audio speakers, Making artificial jewellery, Filling gaps in furniture joints

Lapox Epogrout

A three-component, stain-free, waterproof epoxy tile grout especially designed for filling tile joints in wall and floor applications of ceramic tile, vitrified tile, mosaic, stone and structural glazed blocks. It is available in attractive shades.
Pack size: 1 kg and 5 kg

Industry: Construction

Application: Grouting tile joints in kitchens, Grouting tile joints in bathrooms, Grouting tile joints in swimming pools, Grouting tile joints in high footfall areas in institutions, Grouting tile joints in high footfall areas in industries and food processing units

Lapox Lacrete

An epoxy based, solvent-less, unique and versatile system. The product is ideal for civil applications such as terrace and bathroom waterproofing, core-cut grouting, injection grouting and anti-corrosive coating for steel bars and epoxy mortar. It is easy to apply by a brush or roller.
Pack size: 1.5 kg, 7.5 kg and 45 kg

Industry: Construction

Application: Anti-corrosive coating, Epoxy flooring, Injection grouting, Waterproofing terrace, Waterproofing bathroom, Waterproofing water tank, Grouting core-cut, Bonding concrete

Lapox Powergrip

A two-component, modified, cost effective epoxy system. The product is a solvent-less, medium viscous and user friendly epoxy system. It exhibits good mechanical strength and is water resistant.
Pack size: 450 g, 900 g, 1.8 kg and 9 kg

Industry: Construction, Handicraft

Application: Fixing marble, Making stone mosaic, Making wooden articles, Grouting steel railings, Fixing jewel stones

Lapox Procoat

A two-component, acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocyanate based polyurethane (PU) coating. The product is designed to protect the base waterproof layer as well as decorate the substrate. Polyurethane (PU) coating is a tough protective paint applied on exterior and interior structures that are exposed to extreme weather such as scorching heat, gusty winds and pouring rain.
Pack size: 5L

Industry: Construction, Industrial

Application: Using as a protective top coat on terrace, Protecting steel and other surfaces

Lapox Rapid & Clear

A fast setting, multi-purpose, two-component system for adhesion of similar and dissimilar substrates including glass, metal, rubber and various other materials in common use. The product creates a transparent and waterproof bond. It sets within five minutes.
Tube packs: 6 g, 12 g, 36 g, 90 g and 180 g
Jar packs: 450 g, 1 kg and 2 kg

Industry: Automobile, Construction, Furniture, Handicraft

Application: Bonding glass to glass, Bonding marble to marble, Bonding wood to glass, Sealing radiator leakage, Fixing jewel stones

Lapox Ultra

A two-component modified, viscous epoxy adhesive system. The product creates strong adhesion with similar and dissimilar substrates such as natural stones, glass, metal, wood, laminate and textile. It is resistant to water and most chemicals.
Tube packs: 6.5 g, 13 g, 36 g, 90 g and 180 g
Jar packs: 450 g, 900 g, 1.8 kg and 9 kg

Industry: Construction, Furniture

Application: Bonding wood, Fixing granite, Fixing marble, Sand broadcasting, Assembly of marble temple, Grouting steel railings

Lapox Ultra++

A two-component, modified epoxy adhesive. The product has excellent adhesion for bonding similar and dissimilar substrates such as ceramic, glass, marble, metal, stone and wood.
Pack size: 1.8 kg and 9 kg

Industry: Construction, Furniture, Handicraft

Application: Fixing marble, Fixing wood, Making bangles, Fixing stone, Fixing glass

Lapox Ultrabond CPVC

A solvent cement for joining CPVC pipes and fittings used for hot and cold water up to a maximum of 1800 F (820 C). The product is a yellow coloured, low VOC emission, fast setting, high strength CPVC solvent cement. It is suitable for 0.5″ to 2″ diameter pipes and fittings. It conforms to ASTM F493 standard.
Pack size: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml

Industry: Construction

Application: Joining CPVC pipes in residential complexes, Joining CPVC pipes in commercial spaces, Joining CPVC pipes in industrial premises, Joining CPVC pipes in mobile homes

Lapox Ultrabond PVC

A heavy duty solvent cement for joining PVC pipes and fittings which help create strong, waterproof and durable joints. The product is a clear, low VOC emission, fast setting, high strength PVC solvent cement. It is suitable for up to 4″ diameter Schedule 40 pipes.
Pack size: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml and 1 L

Industry: Construction

Application: Joining PVC pipes for potable water, Joining PVC pipes for sewers, Joining PVC pipes for irrigation

Lapox Ultrabond UPVC

A solvent cement for joining UPVC pipes and fittings. The product is suitable for 6″ Schedule 40 pipes and 4″ Schedule 80 pipes. It conforms to ASTM D2564 standard.
Pack size: 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml

Industry: Construction

Application: Joining UPVC pipes in potable water, Joining UPVC pipes in conduits, Joining UPVC pipes in irrigation, Joining UPVC pipes in sewers

Lapox Ultrafix

A two-component, high performance, fast-setting epoxy adhesive used for multiple applications. The product provides excellent bond strength for various substrates, including granite, marble, wood, synthetic and ceramic tiles. It does not sag due to its thixotropic nature; hence it is ideal for vertical cladding. It has excellent adhesion in wet and moist conditions.
Pack size: 1.5 kg

Industry: Construction

Application: Sand broadcasting, Vertical marble cladding, Vertical stone cladding, Vertical granite cladding, Fixing underwater tiles, Anchoring grout for reinforced steel, Repairing and gap filling of concrete cracks

Lapox Ultraquick

A one-component, solvent-free, nearly instant setting cyanoacrylate adhesive. It gets cured by absorbing moisture from atmosphere. The product is compatible with wide range of materials such as plastic, marble, wood, metal, glass and rubber. It is good for bonding small parts and adaptable to high-speed assembly operations using automatic dispensing.
Pack size: 20 g and 50 g

Industry: Construction, Furniture, Handicraft

Application: Bonding marble instantly, Bonding wood instantly, Bonding gift articles and handicraft instantly

Lapox Ultraseal

A two-component, room temperature setting, easy to use, multi-purpose epoxy putty for plumbing and non-plumbing applications. The product can withstand temperatures up to 1200 C. It can be moulded in different shapes, can be sanded, drilled and painted. It comes up in general purpose and fast setting variants.
Fast setting (available in jar packs): 25 g, 60 g and 90 g
General purpose: 1 kg

Industry: Automobile, Construction, DIY, Industrial

Application: Fixing loose screws on walls, Joining broken ceramic, wooden and household articles, Insulating electrical connections, Moisture proofing CI and cable joints, Sealing fuse and choke units of mercury lamps, Sealing leakages in transformer systems to prevent oxidation, Sealing plumbing leakages, Sealing leakages of water pipelines and storage tanks, Sealing water supply mains, Sealing sewage pipelines, Bonding marble and composite stones, Bonding glass, Bonding fibreglass, Filling dents and cracks, Sealing leakages in radiators, Sealing leakages in fuel tanks, Sealing leakages in silencers and metal strips

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