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Amongst India’s largest manufacturers of epoxy resins and hardeners
Pioneering efforts
pioneer in epoxy manufacturing in India

amongst the largest manufacturers of epoxy resins and hardeners in India

offering over 450 world class products under the Lapox® brand name with an application in bangles,
construction chemicals, handicrafts, stone processing and more

Lapox® has a pan Indian presence and is readily available at relevant retail outlets

the Lapox® team trains users to build required skill sets to handle specialised epoxy systems

Polygrip®, acquired by Atul in 2010, is amongst the top selling synthetic rubber and polyurethane based adhesive brands in India

Atul has recently launched Lacare® – an indigenously made range of maintenance products

Industries served
Lapox® , Polygrip® and Lacare® products cater to diverse industries such as Stone Processing, Construction, Footwear and Upholstery
65+ years of expertise in the field of manufacturing epoxies
  • November 2018: Polygrip® HVAC used for high-quality AC duct insulation for Statue of Unity
  • LAPOX® TILEGRIP: a recent addition to our Lapox® brand
  • LACARE® CHANNEL SPRAY: a recent addition to our Lacare® brand

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