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Convo Combi

Convo is a selective and post-emergence herbicide used for the control of broadleaf weeds.

Mode of action: It has systemic action on the targeted weeds.

Product group: Herbicides

Technical name: Metsulfuron methyl 20% WP

crop(s) target weed(s) dose | acre
wheat Chenopodium albu, Melilotus indica and Vicia sativa 8 g
rice Commelina Bengha and Melilotus indica 8 g

▸ is easily soluble in water
▸ works with leaf contact and soil residual activity

Available pack sizes: 8 g + Surfactant

Antidote: There is no specific antidote. Please treat symptomatically and supportively.

Disclaimer: The product usage is beyond our control and the product performance depends on a variety of factors such as the crop pattern, the soil type, the method of application, climatic conditions, and the quality of water used for preparing spray solutions. Therefore, we do not guarantee or accept any liability other than for uniform quality of the product.


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