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Myza is a next generation HYT (high yield technology) based arbuscular mycorrhizae fungus (AMF), symbiotically associated with plants that improves the supply of water and nutrients, such as phosphates and nitrogen, to the host plant. It contains spores of endomycorrhizae and fragments of fungal filaments in granular formulation.

Mode of action: AMF gets associated symbiotically with plant roots making peck of the crops and enhances surface area of roots which facilitates increased absorption of soil nutrients, increased water uptake and improves immunity against environmental stress.

Product group: Biostimulants

Technical name: Biofertilizer

crops target segment dose/acre
cotton, garlic, groundnut, horticultural crops, onion, paddy, potato and wheat plant health 4-8 kg

▸ increases availability of substances such as macro and micro elements
▸ enhances soil health
▸ helps in profuse root growth
▸ helps in building immunity against abiotic and biotic stress such as heat, cold and pest or disease infestation
▸ is certified for organic farming

Available pack sizes: 4 kg

Antidote: There is no specific antidote. Please treat symptomatically and supportively.

Disclaimer: The product usage is beyond our control and the product performance depends on a variety of factors such as the crop pattern, the soil type, the method of application, climatic conditions, and the quality of water used for preparing spray solutions. Therefore, we do not guarantee or accept any liability other than for uniform quality of the product.


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