Pharmaceuticals Business operates with a purpose to significantly enhance value for all its stakeholders, by providing high quality products and services, amongst others and thus, becoming the most preferred partner. In pursuit of this purpose, the quality policy of is to:

  • understand the needs of customers and supply products and services which meet their expectations
  • maintain all manufacturing facilities to high standards and implement best practices in all operations
  • upgrade skills of the team through regular training sessions

The Business is committed to preservation of the environment and protection of the health and safety of the team. The environment, health and safety policy is to:

  • comply with applicable laws and take additional measures to operate in a good environment management system
  • conserve energy, raw materials and other natural resources with efficient processes
  • minimise solid, liquid and gaseous emissions with an effective waste management system
  • select efficient and environment friendly technologies in new developments and expansions of existing plant facilities
  • reduce incidents and harm to the environment, people and property

Our Businesses

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