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Polygrip SR 409

A light yellow coloured, fast drying, synthetic rubber-based and brushable contact adhesive. The product is especially designed for foam to foam bonding in the manufacturing of sofas, chairs and mattresses. It exhibits soft and flexible glue line on the bonded substrates. It provides excellent film forming ability on various foams, high tack and immediate bonding resulting into faster productivity.
Pack size: 500 ml, 1 L, 2 L, 5 L and 30 L

Industry: Automobile, Upholstery

Application: Manufacturing automobile seats, Bonding foam to foam, Bonding foam to leather, Bonding canvas to foam, Bonding foam to wood, Bonding bonded-foam to bonded-foam, Bonding bonded-foam to foam, Bonding coir to foam, Bonding foam to fabric

The technical data sheet is available upon request. Please click here to request.

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