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Lacare AM 70

A multi-purpose maintenance spray. The product is especially designed to meet the requirements of preventive and corrective maintenance for industrial use, automobiles, service centres and common household applications.
Pack size: 45 g, 85 g and 328 g (400 ml)

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Industry: Automobile, DIY, Industrial

Application: Cleaning spark plugs, Loosening rusted nut bolts, Lubricating ignition locks, Lubricating brake handles, Lubricating door locks, Lubricating fans, mixer and motors for home, Lubricating window channels for home, Loosening rusted nuts and bolts, Lubricating fans, mixers and motors, Lubricating telescopic channels of sliding drawers of cabinets and kitchen trolleys, Lubricating door locks, bolts and door hinges, Lubricating and cleaning railings of sliding doors and windows, Lubricating zippers of bag packs, luggage bags and scissors

Lapox Ultraseal

A two-component, room temperature setting, easy to use, multi-purpose epoxy putty for plumbing and non-plumbing applications. The product can withstand temperatures up to 1200 C. It can be moulded in different shapes, can be sanded, drilled and painted. It comes up in general purpose and fast setting variants.
Fast setting (available in jar packs): 25 g, 60 g and 90 g
General purpose: 1 kg

Industry: Automobile, Construction, DIY, Industrial

Application: Fixing loose screws on walls, Joining broken ceramic, wooden and household articles, Insulating electrical connections, Moisture proofing CI and cable joints, Sealing fuse and choke units of mercury lamps, Sealing leakages in transformer systems to prevent oxidation, Sealing plumbing leakages, Sealing leakages of water pipelines and storage tanks, Sealing water supply mains, Sealing sewage pipelines, Bonding marble and composite stones, Bonding glass, Bonding fibreglass, Filling dents and cracks, Sealing leakages in radiators, Sealing leakages in fuel tanks, Sealing leakages in silencers and metal strips

Lapox Ultraseal White

Lapox Ultraseal White is a multi-purpose, epoxy-based, white coloured putty. It is a versatile plumber’s putty that can be used to fill gaps and seal joints in plumbing and sanitary.
Pack size: 50 g

Industry: Automobile, Construction, DIY, Industrial

Application: Sealing joints between ceramic fixtures and sanitary lines such as basins and commode outlets, Arresting leaks in plumbing, Filling wooden gaps, Filling holes in metal working and sealing welding joints and many other gap filling applications

Polygrip Locktape

A pressure sensitive paper tape for general purpose. The product can be used for marking, sealing, holding, bundling and other various jobs where temporary bonding is required.
Pack size: 18 mm x 20 m and 24 mm x 20 m

Industry: Furniture, DIY, Industrial

Application: Bonding ply to laminate temporarily, Surface masking in painting works, Industrial marking, bundling, packaging, lane marking, splicing and surface protection, DIY bundling, labelling, sealing, temporary repairs

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