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Galastar is a new generation, broad-spectrum insecticide of Pyrethroid group. The product has strong bonding tendency in the soil thus its persists and exhibits longer duration and does extraordinary control of termite.

Mode of action: It acts on the nervous system of insects and disturbs the function of neurons by interacting with the sodium channel.

Product group: Insecticides

Technical name: Bifenthrin 10% EC

crop(s) target pest(s) dose | acre
cotton bollworms, whiteflies 320 ML
rice green leafhopper, leaf folder, stem borer 200 ML
sugarcane termite 400 ML

▸ is a new generation, broad-spectrum insecticide of the Pyrethroid group
▸ is effective against a broad range of lepidopteran pests, sucking pests, mites and termites in various crops
▸ has contact and stomach action which effectively controls different stages of wide range of insects
▸ has a strong biphenyl bond which provides longer residual period of control for target insects

Available pack sizes: 1 L, 500 ML, 250 ML

Antidote: There is no specific antidote. Please treat symptomatically and supportively.

Disclaimer: The product usage is beyond our control and the product performance depends on a variety of factors such as the crop pattern, the soil type, the method of application, climatic conditions, and the quality of water used for preparing spray solutions. Therefore, we do not guarantee or accept any liability other than for uniform quality of the product.


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