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Found 5 results for Cabbage

Albis - Acetamiprid 20% SP

A systemic insecticide of the Neonicotinoid group that exhibits contact and stomach action. The product effectively controls sucking insects in various crops.

Crop: Cabbage, Chilli, Cotton, Okra, Paddy

Product group: Insecticides

Synonyms: Albis; Aceta; Acetamiprid

Amsac - Indoxacarb 14.5% SC

A broad spectrum contact and stomach insecticide used to control lepidopteron pests in various crops and is active at low dose rates. The product is safe for beneficial insects in cotton and cabbage.

Crop: Cabbage, Chilli, Cotton, Pigeon pea, Tomato

Product group: Insecticides

Synonyms: Amsac; Indoxa; Indoxacarb

Braco - Diafenthiuron 50% WP

An insecticide of the Thiourea group, acts as an insecticide and acaricide by contact and stomach action. The product also shows some ovicidal action. It is used to control whitefly and other sucking pests as well as mites in various crops.

Crop: Brinjal, Cabbage, Chilli, Cotton

Product group: Insecticides

Synonyms: Braco; Diafenthuron

Lepto - Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG

An insecticide of biological origin used to control lepidopteran pests, with stomach action. The product is most effective when ingested by larvae. The affected larva gets paralysed, stops feeding shortly thereafter and and is killed within 2-4 days.

Crop: Brinjal, Cabbage, Chick pea, Chilli, Cotton, Grapes, Okra, Pigeon pea, Tea

Product group: Insecticides

Synonyms: Lepto; Emamectin

Monil SC - Fipronil 5% SC

A broad spectrum systemic insecticide of the Phenylpyrazole group which acts by contact and ingestion. The product controls lepidopteron and sucking pests in various crops. It is used for foliar application.

Crop: Cabbage, Chilli, Cotton, Paddy, Sugarcane

Product group: Insecticides

Synonyms: Monil; Fipronil

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