Tea (Camellia sinensis)

India is amongst the largest tea producing countries in the world with over 70% of its production being consumed within the country. Assam, West Bengal and Kerala are the important tea growing states in the country.

application stage purpose recommended products | dosage per acre
weed control Cynodon dactylon, Imperata cylindrica,
Kalm grass, Paspalum scrobiculatum and Polygonum perfoliatum
Cyperus rotundus, Parthenium and Solanum elaeagnifolium
Portulaca oleracea, Ageratum spp, Digitaria spp, Paspalum spp. Setaria spp. and Polygonum spp
Boerhavia hispida, Commelina benghalensis, Imperata cylindrica, Paspalum conjugatum and Setaria spp
  • Coneo: 0.8-1.2 L
  • Coneo 71: 1.2 kg
  • Salix: 500 g-1 kg
  • Zura 22.5: 500-600 ML
  • Cydus: 0.85-1.7 L
insect control semilooper, tea mosquito bug and thrips
  • Helico: 60 ML
nutrition good branching and nutrient intake
  • Biopearl: 1.5-2 ML/L
  • Biopearl GR: 8 kg
  • Myza: 8 kg
disease control blister blight
  • Albu: 50-100 ML

Note: use Efficax with above recommended products for better spreading and penetration (dose: 50ML/acre)



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