Responsible procurement

Atul builds long-term relationships with its partners who share its commitment of being responsible and sustainable. Relationships at the supply chain level are an area of opportunity to strengthen the contributions to global sustainable developmental efforts. The Company believes in nurturing a shared commitment to sustainability and prefers suppliers who adopt an environmentally and socially conscious approach to business. The Supplier Code of Conduct and Responsible Procurement Policy aim to create a sustainable framework for choosing the suppliers responsibly.

Member of Nicer Globe initiative of Indian Chemical Council

Atul aims to proactively address the challenges in building and sustaining an agile and safe supply chain. The Company is a member of Nicer Globe, an initiative of Indian Chemical Council, which will bring synergy in its operations as per the best practices in the industry and reiterate its commitment to comply with the globally acclaimed standards, infrastructure and services for safe and secure transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods and wastes. It further intends to:

  • build a safe culture and efficient process
  • create a responsible and responsive community and
  • provide emergency information and expert advice to mitigate any offsite chemical incident.
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