Details of Compliance Officer

Lalit Patni
Company Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer
(+91 2632) 233261 | 233262

Shareholders holding shares in physical mode are required to register | update their KYC with the Company | RTA in compliance with SEBI circular no. SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD_RTAMB/P/CIR/2021/665 dated November 03, 2021. Therefore, such shareholders are requested to submit duly filled Form ISR-1 and Form SH 13 with supporting documents for registering | updating the KYC and nomination in the records of the Company. All applications, requests, enquiries, intimations, complaints, etc are to be addressed to:

Link Intime India Pvt Ltd
506 – 508, Amarnath Business Centre – I
Umashankar Joshi Marg, Off C G Road
Ahmedabad 380 006, Gujarat
(+91 79) 26465179 | 86 | 87

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Forms for shareholders holding shares in physical mode:
Form Purpose Click to download Instructions
Fillable forms
Normal forms
Form ISR-1 For registering, changing or updating KYC details Fillable-ISR-1 Download-ISR-1 Preview-ISR-1
Form ISR-2 For signature confirmation by banker Fillable-ISR-2 Download-ISR-2 Preview-ISR-2
Form ISR-3 For not opting nomination facility Fillable-ISR-3 Download-ISR-3 Preview-ISR-3
Form SH-13 For opting nomination facility Fillable-SH-13 Download-SH-13 Preview-SH-13
Form SH-14 For canceling or modifying nomination Fillable-SH-14 Download-SH-14 Preview-SH-14

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