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Lacare Chain Lube

Lacare Chain Lube is a superior oil based chain lubricant for open chain of bike driven at very high speeds where the chain is exposed to moisture and dusty environments. It is ideal for chains that are standard as well as with O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring.

Industry: Automobile

Application: Lubricating open chain of bikes

Lacare Channel Spray

Lacare Channel Spray is a superior polymer-based spray used for improving the sliding movement of glass used in car windows. It is especially made to lubricate the rubber beading, plastic and other assemblies used in the sliding windows of automobiles.

Industry: Automobile

Application: Lubricating rubber beading of glass windows of car

Lacare AM 70

Lacare AM 70 is a multi-purpose maintenance spray especially designed to meet the requirements of preventive and corrective maintenance for industrial use, automobiles and common household applications.

Industry: Automobile

Application: Loosening rusted nut bolts, Cleaning spark plugs, Lubricating ignition locks, Lubricating brake handles, Cleaning of battery terminals, Lubricating door locks, Lubricating fans, mixer and motors in home, Lubricating window channels in home

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