November 2021: Lacare AM 70

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  • Lacare AM 70 is amongst the first multi-purpose maintenance sprays made in India that is designed to meet the requirements of preventive and corrective maintenance for automobiles, common household applications, industrial use and service centers
  • It loosens jammed | rusted nuts and bolts of automobiles wheels, electric motors, water pumps, power tools, home appliances (mixer grinders, fans, washing machines, ACs, geysers, sewing machines), photo copy machines, generators, office and home furniture
  • This product also provides lubrication to moving parts such as: bearings in household appliances | vehicle door locks | wiper blade joints, seat railings and door hinges in cars | ignition locks, indicator light switches and petrol tanks in 2-wheeler | elevators (lift servicing) | household locks | bicycle chains
  • It displaces moisture from metal surfaces such as electric | spark plugs, petrol tanks and ignition locks, especially during the monsoon
  • It protects metal (such as OEM parts of automobiles that need to be stored in rust-free conditions) against corrosion. It dissolves carbon deposits and sticky dirt from battery terminals and household appliances
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