Atul is endeavouring to significantly enhance the breadth and depth of its businesses, and in this pursuit of ‘growth’ and ‘consistent improvements’, it is able to provide challenging opportunities to its people to excel in every area of operations. It is only through such striving that the Company can remain aligned to its Purpose.

At Atul, employees can find work life balance, by encouraging them to allow their careers to grow and thrive in one of the most unique working environments. We embrace our pristine and relatively undisturbed surroundings to foster a greater appreciation of our natural habitats and other unique elements like migratory birds who often visit Atul.

Atul is where passion meets guidance, and where potential meets opportunity. We look forward to qualities such as a quest for excellence and unadulterated passion for work in prospective employees. All our recruitment decisions are based on valid, practical and measureable approaches that ensure hiring on the basis of merit. Our recruitment process demonstrates our commitment to our values of Integrity, Understanding, Unity, Responsibility and Excellence.

Our workforce embraces diversity. This is manifest in the multi-cultural mix of our business unit and in other Atul offices across the globe. We want our people to grow with us, to become ambitious leaders who understand our business, our history and our expertise.

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