Atul Foundation was created to bring all activities related to serving society under one umbrella. The Foundation undertakes projects | activities, broadly under six Programs: Education, Empowerment, Health, Relief, Infrastructure and Conservation. While these Programs are currently focused in India, it will be the endeavour of Atul to establish such organisations in the countries in which it operates so as to serve society in such countries. Ultimately, what comes from the society must go back to it many times over.

During 2019-20, Atul Foundation undertook the following projects:

  • Provided better infrastructure facility to 1,802 students of Kalyani Shala
  • Imparted education by 106 Atul Adhyapikas in 105 primary schools in rural areas
  • Supported 30 children of salt pan workers to prepare for SSC board examination
  • Trained 125 teachers in innovative teaching methods
  • Trained 125 primary school teachers on child safety
  • Provided better facilities for education to 180 tribal children
  • Provided support to digitalise over 80,000 rare manuscripts
  • Published four books promoting traditional knowledge and culture
  • Provided kits of essential items to 125 children raised by single parents | relatives
  • Provided guidance and technical support to develop a tribal school to benefit 205 students
  • Supported to build computer lab benefiting 104 students
  • Established a school library benefitting 236 students
  • Provided educational therapy to 60 special children
  • Assisted 3,759 students of 33 primary schools with study material
  • Provided wholesome food to 133 students in two tribal hostels
  • Arranged for a computer teacher for 236 students in a school
  • Provided computer to a primary school benefiting 201 students
  • Supported three needy students to complete their higher studies

  • Trained 498 students to use industrial sewing machine
  • Trained 146 students as data entry operators and account assistants
  • Trained 121 students as electricians
  • Trained 95 students to repair computers
  • Trained 68 students as chemical plant process attendants
  • Trained 67 students as bedside assistants
  • Trained 60 students to repair mobile phones
  • Trained 58 students as refrigeration and AC technicians
  • Trained 15 students as welders
  • Trained 11 students as JCB operators
  • Trained 160 students in basic computer skills and 65 students in English
  • Trained 161 tribal farmers in beekeeping
  • Trained 173 women in baking, beauty and styling, food and nutrition and garment making
  • Provided training and employment to 264 youth in Atul, over and above the statutory requirement under the Apprentice Act, 1961
  • Provided cows with calf to 125 families
  • Completed artificial insemination with sorted semen of 125 cows
  • Provided good quality seeds to 125 tribal farmers
  • Supported 17 tribal families to develop 23 rooms for providing home stay facilities to tourists visiting Statue of Unity, Kevadia
  • Provided training with tool kits to 58 tribal youth to become micro-entrepreneurs

  • Constructed 500 individual household toilets benefiting about 2,500 individuals
  • Collected 1,950 units of blood through 28 blood camps
  • Organised 12 eye camps benefiting 3,432 patients of whom 2,649 were provided with spectacles, 98 patients were operated forcataract
  • Provided health check-up and treatment to 333 people through a general health camp
  • Organised workshop on food and nutrition for 92 rural women
  • Provided sports kits to 125 rural schools
  • Organised awareness camps and provided treatment of anaemia to 3,633 students and 321 rural women
  • Installed water treatment plant to provide potable drinking water benefiting 376 students of two schools
  • Provided medical instrument for effective treatment benefiting about 5,000 people in and around Laxmipura village
  • Provided 200 units of blood to destitute, poor and needy patients
  • Established CT scan centre for patients from Valsad district
  • Provided better sports infrastructure and equipment for students and youth living in and around Atul
  • Promoted sports and fitness through marathon – Atul Run, where about 1,600 people participated

  • Supported 69 farmers with fertiliser kits
  • Assisted five patients with financial help for the treatment of critical illnesses
  • Provided blood units to 57 thalassemia patients
  • Assisted 20 cancer patients with advanced medical treatment
  • Provided food packets and ration to elderly and needy people
  • Provided financial support to organise community marriage of underprivileged couples
  • Supported to develop a computer lab for differently abled children

  • Provided support to build an institution
  • Renovated a culvert benefiting 300 villagers
  • Installed street lights benefiting 2,552 villagers
  • Laid a paver block road benefiting 550 villagers
  • Participated in pond recharging scheme Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan benefiting a village
  • Renovated 17 anganwadis benefiting around 340 children
  • Renovated a tribal hostel and a high school, benefiting 314 children
  • Built sheds and upgraded facilities, benefiting around 15 villages

  • Planted 40,211 trees
  • Planted 125 medicinal plants to promote awareness among children
  • Supported coastal cleanliness drive
  • Over 500 students and teachers had participated in a drive to clean Kadiya beach
  • Trained 125 students to spread awareness in their neighbourhood about the harmful effects of plastic
  • Promoted five ecotourism sites among 125 organisations

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