Atul is one of the largest integrated chemical companies of India.


Aromatics aims to be a world-class Business, offering its customers in Personal Care and other chosen industries high quality products and services in a cost effective manner.

Bulk Chemicals and Intermediates

Bulk Chemicals and Intermediates aims to supply bulk chemicals to other Businesses of Atul in a cost effective manner and grow in intermediates product group.


Colors aims to be a reliable global supplier of colorants required for different facets of human life. Its products will find application in Dyestuff, Electrical and Electronics, Food, Packaging, Paint and Coatings, Paper, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Textile industries.

Crop Protection – Bulk Actives

Crop Protection aims to be in the business of serving the growing needs of food and fiber. It will leverage its competency in chemistry and provide farm solutions to create lush yields and strive to strengthen relationship with farmers across the globe.

Crop Protection – Retail

Crop Protection – Retail aims to be in the business of serving the growing needs of food and fibre. It will leverage its competency in chemistry and agriculture to provide sustainable farming solutions that creates value to the farmer and the end user and thus win trust of all the stakeholders.


Floras aims to be a reliable supplier of high quality tissue culture raised planting material. It will promote scientific cultivation of crops and contribute to improve the economy and ecology of arid and semi-arid regions.


Pharmaceuticals aims to contribute to the wellness of mankind by catering to the growing needs of Pharmaceutical industry. It will supply API intermediates and APIs in a cost effective manner using novel technologies.

Polymers – Performance Materials

Polymers – Performance Materials seeks to offer best-in-class epoxy products (resins, curing agents, reactive diluents) and innovative solutions for industries such as Adhesives, Composites, Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Paint and Coatings and Wind Energy. These epoxy products are marketed under the brand name ‘Lapox’. In addition, Atul’s Sulfones product range is used as a high performance materials and curing agents for epoxy resins in the Aerospace, Electrical and Electronics industry.

Polymers – Retail

Atul is a pioneer in manufacturing epoxy resins in India. The Company is one of the largest manufacturers of epoxy resins and hardeners in the country. The epoxy products are marketed and sold under the brand name of Lapox and that of synthetic rubber and PU based adhesives under the brand name of Polygrip. To cater to the growing demand in automobile and industrial maintenance market, a new range of maintenance products are being marketed under the brand name of Lacare.

Value added services

Atul aims to leverage its footprint in key markets across the world and provide value added services to its suppliers, customers and various small and medium manufacturers of chemicals. It will act as a fulcrum to support the chemical manufacturers and buyers to strike meaningful partnerships through its network of offices in Brazil, China, the UAE, the UK and the USA.

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