Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)
Cotton is a fiber and oil yielding crop of global significance. The crop is cultivated in more than 80 countries in the world. It is cultivated in 12.2 million hectares in India, which occupies 6% of the total cropping area. India has the highest acreage in the world (~37% of world’s cotton acreages), but productivity level is far below world’s average (stands 32nd in productivity) due to incidence of insect pests and diseases.
application stage purpose recommended products | dosage per acre
before sowing (seed treatment) sucking and soil insects
  • Spora Super: 10 ML/kg seed
0 days (nutrition) good germination, healthy root system and good tillering
  • Biopearl Gr: 4 kg
  • Myza: 4-8 kg
  • Villo: 1 kg
18-25 days (weed control) Arundinella benghalensis, Axonopus compressus, Cynodon dactylon, Imperata cylindrica, Kalm grass, Paspalum scrobiculatum and Polygonum perfoliatum
  • Coneo: 800 ML
  • Cydus: 500-800 ML
20-30 days (disease control) angular leaf spot and anthracnose
  • Prabhavi: 200 ML
20-40 days (insect control) aphids and jassids
  • Helico: 80 ML
  • Spora Super: 100 ML
20-40 days (insect control) bollworms, whiteflies
  • Galastar: 320 ML
30-40 days (disease control) grey mildew, anthracnose and boll health
  • Prabhavi: 200 ML
40-60 days (insect control) thrips
  • Lepto: 90 g
  • Helico: 80 ML
  • Spora Super: 100 ML
50-70 days (nutrition) plant health (flowering and boll quality)
  • Biopearl: 1.5-2 ML/L
    water | 300-400 ML/acre
70-85 days (insect control) whiteflies
  • Crolis: 400 ML
100-120 days (insect control) american bollworms and pink bollworms
  • Amsac: 200 ML
  • Balio: 400 ML
  • Galastar: 320 ML

Note: use Efficax with above recommended products for better spreading and penetration (dose: 50ML/acre)



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