Month: May 2019

Allyl caproate | CAS No. 123-68-2 | Allyl hexanoate; Hexanoic acid , 2-propenyl ester; aldehyde C19; Allyl ncaproate;2-Propenyl n – hexanoate; hexanoic acid, 2-propen-1- yl ester ; prop-2-en -1-yl hexanoate; prop-2-enylhexanoate; 2- propenyl hexanoate

An aroma ingredient to enhance pineapple, fruity, sweet and juicy odour, widely used by cosmetics and flavour industry.

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Allyl heptanoate | CAS No. 142-19-8 | 2-Propenyl n – hexanoate

An aroma chemical with fruity, wine and banana like odour, used to make flavours and fragrances for personal care industry.

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2-Methylcyclohexyl acetate (o-MCHA) | CAS No. 5726-19-2 | ortho Methyl cyclo hexyl acetate

A value added down-stream of ortho Cresol, which plays a key role in the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Atul Ltd is the only manufacturer of 2-Methylcyclohexyl acetate, with a captive source of ortho Cresol.

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2 nitro para cresol | CAS No. 119-33-5 | 4-Methyl-2-nitrophenol

A dye intermediate in organic synthesis.

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May 2019: Analyst Meet, Mumbai

Atul organised its annual Analyst Meet last week in Mumbai to share the performance of the Company.

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