Month: March 2024

Lapox Coralset

Lapox Coralset is a two-component modified, viscous epoxy adhesive system. When the both components are mixed in a recommended ratio and cured appropriately at room temperature, an excellent bond strength can be achieved with most of the substrates including glass,

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Lapox Ultraflexo

Lapox Ultraflexo is a one-component, solvent-free, low viscous, transparent and nearly instant setting adhesive. It does not leave any traces or marks upon drying. It may be used to achieve excellent bonding between similar and dissimilar substrates. Pack size: 20

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Polygrip Clearfix (TF)

Polygrip Clearfix (TF) is a toluene-free, light-coloured, translucent synthetic rubberbased adhesive. Ideal for lightcoloured leather and synthetic applications, it is versatile and suitable for most substrates including rubber, leather, synthetic leather, EVA, foam, metal, fabric and canvas. Pack size: 30

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Polygrip Autopro

Polygrip AutoPro is a light-coloured, toluene-free, fast-drying, synthetic rubber-based adhesive. With heat resistance up to 90 0C, it is recommended for bonding a variety of substrates such as moulded PU foam, metal, FRP, ABS, leather, synthetic leather, fabric and non-woven

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Polygrip Restobond

Polygrip Restobond is a fast-drying, synthetic rubber-based sprayable adhesive. Ideal for manufacturing goods quickly in large quantities, it provides good bonding on curved surfaces for PE to PE foam, ABS, fabric, foam, FRP, MS, non-woven carpets, painted metal, polypropylene, PVC

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March 2024: Atul Day – Celebrating 72 years of operations

Glimpses from the Atul Day celebration.

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March 2024: China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition

Crop Protection – Bulk Actives team at the China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC 2024).

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March 2024: International Women’s day celebration

Glimpses from the International Women’s Day celebration across the offices of Atul! Today and every day, let us empower, support and uplift one another.

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March 2024: Atul Women’s Cricket League

Glimpses from the recently concluded Atul Women’s Cricket League – well done to all ladies who exhibited remarkable team spirit and sportsmanship!

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March 2024: JEC World 2024

Polymers – Performance Materials Business of Atul at JEC World 2024.

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February 2024: Paint India Exhibition

Polymers – Performance Materials Business participated in the Paint India 2024 exhibition. The team had meaningful interactions and discussions fostering relationships that are pivotal for future collaborations and business growth.

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